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She turns ONE, now what?

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Savanah's 1st Birthday • Styling: Mom in a Pinch • Photography: Eve Ruiz

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When you think about reinventing yourself, usually you wait until the last minute of the year to decide that you're ready to start that diet, join that gym, muster up the courageto wear that sexy-ass bathing suit you've always wanted to rock but never had the oomph to just DO IT. Well let me lay it out for you: I know all too well what its like waiting for things to feel "just right" or for the new year to come so I had a good "excuse" to start but the truth is, I've wasted most of those opportunities by doing all the prep work and never really pulling the trigger. Ya feel me? Can anyone relate? So here I am, mother of a one year old daughter who's tired of forever waiting and deciding to finally take the dive off the cliff to emerge myself into the next phase of my life (I hope) through this blog.

Over the past 4 years I quit my job, got married, had a miscarriage, almost got divorced, lived through a pandemic, got pregnant, had a baby, moved in with my parents (for the time being) and am just trying figure out parenthood like the rest of ya. I formally invite you to follow my colorful, sometimes organized, plant-filled life.

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